Physician, internationally awarded writer Dr .Monica Mergiu from Munich, Germany ,member of the German Union of Writers, Bavarian Union of Writers and International Federation of Journalists. She is fact a motivator for us, the organizers, to bring together in our activity the glamour of Beauty with the brilliance of Intellect and Education. Thanks to her German-Greek-Romanian origins she knows that as writer and poetess her literary message is the echo of her own multicultural identity. Dr. Monica Mergiu is a loyal friend of GCC, promoter and supporter of Arab Heritage and Arab Women image beyond the borders. Her publications are dedicated to the ancient Emirati, Saudi , Kuwaiti , Omani and Bahraini traditions and history describing the long journey until the modern society of GCC in the Century. Monica Mergiu is the Founder of “Art & Royal Virtual Library ” and author of the celebrated ,,WOMEN & ART” Literary Collection – a trilogy dedicated to GCC women artists, writers and patron of arts like Sheikha Fatima Bint Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Raja Alem , Sheikha Fatima Bint Mohammed Bin Saqr Al Qassimi , Nabeela Al Khayer, Shurooq Amin, Mona Al Mansouri , Noura Al Norman, Suzi Nassif , H.H Princess Fahda Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud , Shadia Alem, Fatma Lootah , Christina Oiticica, Pearl Lam Sheikha Hend Bint Faisal Al Qassimi , Rana Safadi , Alia Al Farsi , Hend Al Mansour and
many others.
She admires the multicultural atmosphere of United Arab Emirates as the ,,Land of all possibilities and chances” with a leadership of tolerance and generosity . She considers ZAYED the Founder of UAE the greatest Legend of our times and the most beautiful and challenging literary subject for all writers and discoverers. Celebrating The UAE Year of Tolerance
the Author developed her personal motto- ,,Culture unites people”.
Other Awards:
1)AL Janadrya Festival of Poetry and Heritage 2006 Saudi Arabia offered by His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz Bin Fahd Al Saud , son of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.
2) Cultural Media Friendship in Munich Bavaria 2011/2013/2015 as result of the media articles and poetry books about the Arab Heritage ,Culture and History
3)Cross Cultural Friendship Award for the Bavarian – Bahrain Sport & Art Cooperation 2012 as result of the media presentation of His Royal Highness Sheikh Nasser Bin Hamad Al Khalifa , son of His Majesty King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa of Bahrain and IronMan Winner , Endurance Champion and international sportsman. She writes and cooperates as Special Royal Correspondent with the MAYADEEN MAGAZINE founded by His Royal Highness Sheikh Nasser and edited by Mr. Tawfiq Al Salehi.
The Author Dr. Monica Mergiu lives in Munich Germany, is a physician Dr.Dentist and she has started her literary journey during her student times with the first research travel to the Saudi Arabian Kingdom. She believes that medicine and literature are the most fruitful melange as nurture for the human soul and spirit.
Her entire literary collection, photos, books , documents, official letters , media and news articles about her literary work and personality will be presented for readers and Arab Art lovers in ART & ROYAL VIRTUAL LIBRARY starting 2020. In the same time she promote in Europe the book ,,ZAYED” written by the famous Emirati Writer JASSIM AL KHAZRAJI and she develop herself as Art Curator currently promoting the Monaco based artist RAOUF MEFTAH painter of Arab Calligraphy. She supports the children of Africa successfully cooperating with OXFAM Germany organization as she believed that education is the unique key to all success and Africa’s Youth is a real treasure and potential deserving all chances and possibilities for a larger perspective in life.
Related to Miss Polo Beauty Pageant ,Dr.Monica has her personal motto :Beautiful personality with beautiful brain can change the whole world in to a Garden of Happiness. Every Woman is a Queen!