Mona al Mansouri (Arabic: منى المنصوري) is an international designer in the United Arab Emirates who graduated with a double major in geological and biological engineering. She worked as an engineer in the geophysical petroleum industry, but her artistic talent in fashion design and style became popular. Starting in 1991, she became one of the top Emirate fashion designers, with her sophisticated style.As a result, she has earned international acclaim and is considered one of the best fashion designers in the region, and invited to participate in a number of fashion shows around the globe, including Italy, Switzerland, Britain, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar and Bahrain. Almansouri is also known for her strong dedication to social, environmental, humanitarian, cultural and health issues through her fashion design and shows. As a result of her work, she has been mentioned in the publication Designer Story Book, a work profiling the most successful Arab fashion designers.In addition, Mona Almansouri has been picked on several occasions as a member of the judge panel in fashion competitions, and she is actively involved in mentoring younger fashion and design students providing them relevant experience, guidance and encouragement. She also remains socially active in humanitarian causes, taking part in a number of charity events, donating revenue from shows to the Red Crescent, offering wedding dresses to people in need who could not afford to buy one, and she actively supports schooling needs for orphans and for families of incarcerated people.