The Golden Pony Crown

We are proud to present to you The Prestigious Crown of Miss Polo International called THE GOLDEN PONY CROWN. God Diamonds has created a crown that is different from any other crown in the world. The crown is one of a kind, representing the main aspect of the Miss Polo International beauty pageant.

God Diamonds brings the aspect of The Golden Pony Crown to life by giving significant highlights of the game of Polo. The base of the crown is made of the horse shoe which attracts love, goodluck, success and healing. The two horse are symbol of royalty, elegant, strength and peace.


Miss Polo International Beauty Pageant

Miss Polo international is a registered trademark exclusive to Polo international events ltd. It is established to provide a platform to forge greater unity in the world and promote the participation of females in global activities.

​The Miss Polo International is a beauty pageant on the platform of the Polo game, its aim is to crown a young lady as an Ambassador to carry out charitable acts in improving education globally.

The maiden edition of this project held in 2018 with participants from all parts of the world while the second edition brought to together contestants, judges and officials from all over the world. The grand-finale held in the beautiful city of Dubai on Saturday 14th September, 2019. 

Each contestant must have a background in volunteering work for their community. If they are chosen to represent their country they will receive their countries title. Even if they don’t win one of the Miss Polo International titles, they will still have their countries title to do projects in order to improve education.

Miss Polo International has 5 areas of competition:

1. Project
2. Interview
3. Fashion,
4. Sports wear,
5. Evening gown.

Miss Polo International Pageant IS NOT A BIKINI PAGEANT.


View the Contestants

Miss Polo International, Dubai 2019 Pictures


International Titles

  • Miss Polo International
  • 1st Runner-up Miss Polo International
  • 2nd Runner-up Miss Polo International
  • Miss Polo Africa
  • Miss Polo Asia
  • Miss Polo Europe
  • Miss Polo America
  • Miss Polo Int’l Top Model

Accolades for the Night

  • Best Video project
  • Best Talent
  • Best National Costume
  • Best Evening Gown
  • People’s Choice Award
  • Miss Photogenic
  • Miss Amity

My Life Long Dream

Education allows us to connect the dots of the various pieces of information we garner and interpret it based on our own diaspora and uniqueness. Education brightens the colours of life with rays of boundless innovative imaginations. One thing I wish I could do is, to provide education for all: no child left behind and change the world for good!!

Ibife Alufohai (Mrs)

President, Polo International Events

Miss Polo International Objectives


To promote Education among the young children in the world

Less Privileged

To enroll the less privileged children back to school


To provide E-learning platforms to schools


To create more awareness on the game of Polo by empowering young stars


To execute charitable causes in line with Miss Polo International foundation guidelines.  Elimination of violence against women


To foster working relationship with bodies and agencies involved in the cause of promoting Education.